Papa Shirandulas Awinja is Pregnant! Check Out Her Beautiful Baby bump


Jacky Vike is an actress on the famous sitcom Papa Shirandula whih airs on Thursdays on Citizen TV. The actress whose stage name is Awinja plays the role of a nosy house help, she works in Papa Shirandula and Wilbrodas house.

Away from the cameras Awinja is a totally different person, in the outside world one would totally not recognize her as Awinja. The actress whose debut on TV was Papa Shirandula has also been involved in various TV shows as the host and has appeared in other TV series like MTV Shuga.

Jacky surprised many of her fans yesterday after posting a photo of her pregnant self from a previous baby bump shoot. Guys sent congratulatory messages to the actress who seems to be due in a few weeks. The glow on her is evident and we  the Niaje family would like to wish her a beautiful experience as she steps into the motherhood journey.

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