Papa Dennis’s Manager Announces Bid To Join Politics


August 8th 2017 is around the corner,And as politicians from all
corners of the country prepare themselves for the ‘battle’,more
Kenyans especially those drawn from the entertainment industry are
fast jumping ship to the dirty world of politics in a bid to clinch a
few political seats in the upcoming general election.


Papa Dennis’s manager and sponsor Sadat Muhundi is the latest entrant
in politics after announcing his bid in one of the most daring
ways.Sadat Muhindi is a Kenyan tycoon who has sponsored nearly all
Papa Dennis’s high budget
music and lifestyle under his foundation Maliza Umasikini.Sadat has
revealed that he will be
running for an elective post come
August 8 general elections.

Sadat made the announcement through his Facebook account where unlike
other politicians and aspirants,he shared his personal phone number
with the public,asking them to directly get in touch with him in case
of anything.

““I have officially declared my interest in cupturing likuyani palimentary seat in this year’s election . I want to win this seat on behalf of my people i will make sure i take it back to the people where it belongs . Time has come for my people to take charge of their money and decide what should be done as per development . Feel free to talk directly to your son , brother and neighbour No broker this is my mobile no 0722716527 .God bless you,” “Sadat posted.

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