“Our Woes Started on Our Wedding Night”, Gloria Muliro Talks About Her Failed Marriage


It is now public info that gospel diva Gloria Muliro and Eric Omba are no longer married. Gloria Muliro opened up and talked to Steve Muendo of The Standard about the ups and downs that led to the breakup of a marriage that a lot of people will look at with a pointed finger at religion. Gloria, one of the most successful gospel singers in the country got married to Eric almost 5 years ago and it all ended towards the end of last year when Eric packed and left.

According to Gloria, Eric who was also her manager started being a control freak and dictated everything around her career and and worse, he began misappropriating funds earned from her career. This however did not make Gloria leave as she believed in marriage and the African culture that it is a woman’s role to keep a marriage together.

Things hit the roof when Eric started having affairs with other younger women who regarded the couple as their spiritual parents. Rumors came from all over but Gloria gave them a cold ear and kept trying to converse with her husband but it did not amount to anything good.

According to Gloria, she first noted his greed and love for money on their wedding night when on the first night of their honeymoon, he waited for her to go to the bathroom and quickly ran into the gifts they received at the wedding, removing money from envelopes and stashing it into his pockets.

Gloria says he has made claims of property that was bought with Gloria’s money and ended up in his name.

While the couple is separated, they are still legally married and while things look bad, there could be some light because even when contacted by the media, Eric still claims to love Gloria and denies all the allegations of cheating.

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