The past weekend Socialite Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown broke up.Vera Sidika exposed singer Otile for being a parasite.

Vera Sidika revealed that Otile broke up with her because she refused to loan him Ksh 500,000 that he needed  to top up with what he had to buy a Mercedes Benz.

“Yes, I asked for the 500k coz it was a random deal and I didn’t have the full amount at that moment and thought you would come through for me then I would return back kama vile unaniombaga na unarudisha,” Otile responded

He went on adding that;

“Kati yangu mimi na wewe nani ana deni ya mwingine?? Si I thought you have more money 🤷‍♂. Why do you always want to make me look small 🤦‍♂… you know I make money. You say that is the reason for the break up when you know very well the reason is because you’ve been pushing me to get you pregnant and marry you.”

Now, Otile has actually bought the Mercedes Benz he had begged Vera to help him get. He showed it off with an message that is obviously throwing pot shots at Vera Sidika.
In the instagram post Otile wrote;

“I’m a special Aries. I’m favoured. Y’all don’t know what you just did. Now I’ma fk this game up #inshaallah. Shout out to my brother @mwangi_st.patrick A.k.A #MwangiMercedes bless you brother #sisihatunahela.#BadMan #igotnothingbutlove #moreconfident #focused #karma.”


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