Obama Steps Out Dressed In Kalenjins’ Favorite Brown Leather ‘Cheget’ (Photo)


Many in Kenya seem to be in agreement when it comes to the saying that, there are jackets, then there’s ‘THE’ Kalenjin jacket commonly referred to as ‘Cheget’. Many may even go on the extreme and say that the ‘cheget’ makes up one of the ways to identify a true Kalenjin.

Our Kalenjin brothers now have a proud new member of the ‘cheget’ movement after former U.S President Barack Obama was spotted dressed in the brown leather jacket common among them.

A relaxed Obama strolled in Washington recently alongside his wife Michelle casually dressed in dark jeans enjoying his normal life as a private citizen. Well Obama isn’t the only member of his family who has an affinity towards the brown leather ‘chegets’ as Malia Obama has also been spotted severally donned in the Kalenjin cheget.

See photos below;

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