Nyashinski’s “Now You Know” Set Off As First Kenyan Rap Song To Hit A Million Views On YouTube


With lyrics that bring serious burn for his haters and a beat that can give any rapper a run for their money, Nyashinski’s Now You Know has shot way up on everyone’s list of favorites. Not forgetting his latest hit single “Mungu Pekee” that has also earned a massive airplay and the video is not yet out.

Starting off in a group dubbed Kleptomaniax with Collo and Robba making hit after hit. The group later on separated leaving each artist to focus on their solo careers.

Nyashinski moved to the US and went missing from the music scene for years. But when he came back, we all noticed it. He released a mind boggling rap song dubbed ‘Now You Know’ that got everyone’s attention and earned him a lot of respect as a phenomenal rapper and one of the essential contributors of the music scene in the country.

The song has received massive recognition and extensive play on TV and radio stations. And it has now become the first Kenyan rap song to hit a million views on Youtube. The hit song has over a million views and the numbers are only rapidly increasing.


This was for sure a major come back from Nyashinski. And what other way to share his joy with his loyal fans, Nyashinski posted on his social media accounts saying, ““Now You Know” is officially the FIRST EVER Kenyan rap song/video to hit a million views! Wow!! Thank you God and thank all of you who watched and shared the video.”

Well, if you didn’t know, then Now You Know.

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