Blogger Andrew Kibe is currently in a rather tight spot that after one of his video explaining how women should behave in the society went viral.

Kibe, who also works as a radio presenter, is facing a lot of criticism from women after his explicit video in which he asks women to be humble. The presenter savagely blasts women claiming that they are ugly when they are not humble.

Njambi Koikai has been angered by the video and has promised to push to see the blogger fired from radio.

“I’m raging mad. I’ve been unwell and I stumbled on this crap. Trash. Firstly, a woman’s body belongs to her. The day you stop objectifying women’ is the day you will have sense, decency and some manhood. yOU TALk ABOUT PERIODS LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT women go through during this process. You literally abuse us. You are now calling us dogs as well as our grandmothers. You are the biggest disgrace to men ever. You are vulgar, crass, crude, MANNER LESS, heartless, shameless, plain mean. This guy is even on a radio show. He is on a breakfast show. Now last I checked, media’s role is to offer edutainment. Inform and teach the masses, entertain the masses. Women are now being Insulted and called dogs In order to gain ratings. It’s sad. It’s crude. It’s shameful,” wrote Njambi in one post.

She added:

“I reached out to the necessary people who are in charge. They’ve heard me and we await to see if they will do something about it. Sexism and misogny should not be allowed. We have to stand for the truth in our society and call out the wrong elements.
I’ve been unwell for the past few days and to see a man abusing us and objectifying us was petrifying. It’s painful to see the level of abuse. He spoke of periods and a sex position because we are objects. He called us dogs and how independent women are unattractive. We cannot condone this. Hope those i spoke to will do something about it. I know it’s for ratings but we can’t allow this kind of abuse to keep going on.
I’ve just seen someone asking people or rather men not to donate to my medical fund. That’s ok. We can’t support abuse and degradation of women. This is hurting women.This hurt me.Considering the amount of pain I’ve been in and other women suffering in silence. You can call me all sorts of names but that doesn’t change who i am. The ones who truly know me, know me. My instagram page is as active as an energizer battery. You can troll us. Spread the rumors. Make fun of my condition and my fundraising process. It’s not an issue but we are not going to tolerate anymore abuse and insults.
Also attack me if you must but not my friends. They commented on my post so don’t drag my people into this.”

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