Mid June this year, Genge Godfather Nonini was not a happy man. Safaricom were good all out in rolling out their Giga Data bundle offers and the tag line was a creation of his which both Safaricom and their creative agency Scanad had flat out refused to pay with Scanad saying the Telcommunacations giant couldn’t afford to pay.

Veteran Nonini having pioneered commercialization of genge knew what to do and had no problem heading to the corridors of justice to earn what’s rightfully his.

A tough talking 35 year old Nonini demanded accountability saying

This is the don’t care attitude that musicians face in this country where intellectual property is taken advantage of by corporates time and time again. They have to be held accountable at some point

All that is the past now with the genge supremo landing a plum position with East Africa’s most profitable firm.

Mr. Nakitare has entered a 6 month long partnership with Safaricom that will see the firm market itself using Nonini’s content, voice and image.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nonini expressed his elation saying

I appreciate this chance to work with Safaricom and also look forward to learning more about the work Safaricom Foundation does. I am very passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility, and as part of the partnership I hope to participate in as many activities as I can

Congratulations are in order for the Godfather of genge as he joins the growing list of entertainers who are getting their worth from corporates.

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