No, Timmy Tdat Is Not Behind Bars. Here’s What Happened


Rumours have it that rapper Timmt Tdat was arrested of gun possession earlier today at the airport.

Well, i reached out to the ‘dus nyau’ hitmaker to confirm the rumours. Timmy said that he was at the airport on his way to Eldoret ahead of his gig. But cops stopped him to search his luggage as they believed he might be having a gun.

But after going through the rappers belongings, the cops realised that he was not carrying a gun or anything shady for that matter, and they let him go.

Timmy Tdat claims that, the cops must have suspected him because of the tattoos on his body, his dress code and maybe the fact that he also has dreadlocks.

Anyway, glad all is well. And if you’re in Eldoret be sure to attend his show. Slated to go down today at ‘Poa Place’.

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