Nigerian Artists Brackets Respond To The Gay Rumours


You all remember the Nigerian Hit song “Yori Yori” from Brackets right? Well they are back on the lime light, and no not with a new song but to ‘clean’ up their name. The Nigerian music group recently reacted to allegations that they are gay, yes gay not the happy gay but the dating each other one. This rumor was started because the two have never been seen in the company of females like the other artists, so people began to suspect otherwise.


This is what Punch from bracket had to say during a recent interview with a Nigerian blog: “We did not want to talk about it in public before but I guess we have to. We saw the story and it was a very laughable one. We did not believe it was that serious until one of our uncles called from Enugu. He was even laughing when he asked us. At the end of the day, there are certain things you do not say in public but people should wait till they see us get married. We would not begin to say that we have girlfriends in certain places or who they are. But to clear the air, we are not homosexuals. People that know us know that we are not gays.”
Well there you have it.

The two also confirmed to have people in their lives but they will introduce them when they are ready. Atleast we all know that they can keep secrets well.

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