NIAJE EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Man Who Won the 29.5m Sportpesa Jackpot (Pictures)

Why you should play the Sportpesa Jackpot

If you are a soccer fan and are a Sportpesa player, you know by now that someone became a multi-millionaire this week after winning the 29.5 million shillings on Sunday night. Niaje had the pleasure of meeting the man before any other media house and we have the pleasure to announce that the jackpot was won by 50 year old George Mwangi, a businessman from Githurai. George who is a father of 3 was accompanied by his daughter Wendy who is also a serious Sportpesa fan. This week, she got 10 out of 13 games correct.

Talking to Niaje, George revealed that he started playing the jackpot in May this year after the last jackpot was won at 8.9 million shillings. According to him, he has actively attempted the jackpot nearly every week since then and on a normal weekend, he would play not less than 20 combinations. This week alone, he had over 25 combinations that had all the Saturday games correct and at the end of the game, other than the winning combination, he had combinations that won the 11 game predictions and 10 games.

George says he does not have clear immediate plans with the money as it is still too much to conceive. “You always say if you had such money you would do this and that, but when you actually have the money, it is totally a different story, so I will have to rethink a lot of things” he said.

“I am a giver, big giver and those who know me probably know that I love to help. There are people I always wanted to help get out of certain situations but I never got the chance to, now that I have the capacity, I think that will be a fulfillment in my life”.

The following are pictures of George and his family and his reactions to the fact that he got the jackpot and that it was real, not a dream.

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