The New Side of Investigative Journalist Dennis Okari That Proves His Divorce Changed Him


NTV investigative Journalist Dennis Okari and his Television beauty Betty Kyallo made headlines with their unceremonious break-up, which was characterized by a lot of drama and twists.

KTN’s Betty severally gave out clues that it was all over between them. She moved out from her matrimonial home, dropped her husband’s name and was even spotted without her wedding ring on numerous occasions.

Well months later they both seem to have moved on. Betty was first with her newly established business, a hair studio and spa, Posh Palace at Sifa Towers on Lenana Road, which is rumored to have cost her a fortune.

On the other hand after, maintain his cool and silence for the longest time ever Dennis has recently unveiled a deep part of him which Kenyans are slowly being accustomed to.

The investigative journalist seems to be a man on a different new path judging from his recent posts which have left many dazzled and even more important encouraged.

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