“I Have Never Been Married” Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight, Shares What Happened Between Her & Her Baby Daddy


There has been rumors going round after a certain local blog listed Grace Msalame and her baby daddy Paul Ndichu among the list of Kenyan celebrity couples who have since divorced. It was alleged that Grace was married for 2 years before separating with the father of her children.

The mother of twins has since come out to set the record straight and put a rest to the speculations. She has never been married and only got knocked out out of wedlock.

In a long post Grace explained exactly what happened and where this has left her,

3 Facts about me… – Never Been Married – Always Been a Single Mom
– Yet God still called me… I have no idea where the story came from that I’ve been married before! Let’s just leave the match making to Jesus Thank You?? I had my children out of wedlock in my mid-twenties & I was gripped with shame for years! because I wasn’t raised like that! but I couldn’t quiet the nudge to still serve Him & so I held on to Him even tighter & now 6 years later I’m glad I believed in His Unconditional Love & learned to forgive myself & know that children are a Reward from the Lord- Psalms 127:3????and in double portion?? I am glad that I finally know that to be a Christian doesn’t mean perfection but participation!
Don’t allow for the enemy to make you feel unworthy to be in God’s presence, but instead pray for God to renew your heart so that you may want what He wants for you! so that you may have the desire to please Him which all starts with falling in love with Him! For we yearn to please whom we Love?? That’s where it all starts! Love… love Him with all your heart, all your mind & your soul! And with that same love- love others! And that right there is the answer to EVERYTHING! LOVE?”

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