Nairobi Diaries Star Bridget Achieng Gets a New Ride


The number Socialites in Kenya has been on the rise, a few nude shots, twerk videos and you become famous. Kenyas first reality show Nairobi Diaries has a number of them on set which has earned them a huge viewership.

Bridget Achieng who loves showing off her lavish ifestyle on social media has a reason to smile. Unlike Vera Sidika, The beautiful reality TV star never hides the fact that she bleached her skin and that she would never get into bed with a broke man.

Showing off her new baby on Instagram, she posted several photo of her new car, thanking God for how far she has come. She got herself a brand new four wheel drive days after fellow socialite Risper Faith bought a Mercedes van. I guess being a socialite does pay well after all.

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