Nairobi Diaries Bridget Achieng Spotted Partying With Vera Sidikas ex Yommy (Photos)


About two weeks ago , socialite Vera Sidika came out to expose her Nigerian Ex boyfriend Yommy who she claimed was abusive towards her and was a threat to her life. Apparently their nasty breakup is what made him upload her nudes online a thing he denied.

Despite him having been exposed it seems women never learn or is it that most are attracted to these bad boys. Another socialite, Nairobi actress Bridget Achieng was spotted with Veras ex at a certain club in Dubai.

Bridget has been in Dubai for the past three days celebrating her birthday with a couple of her friends. The photos of her and Yommy cozying up to each other av raised eyebrows and people now wanna know whether there is something going on between them.

The two could just be friends or have mutual friends but we all know how our socialites are, don’t we?

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