Nairobi Diaries’ Arab Princess Trolled On Twitter For Poor Grammar


Kenyan reality TV show, Nairobi Diaries latest episode, which features top Kenyan socialites, was trolled mercilessly by KOT last night.

Nairobi Diaries has been trolled by KOT from day one, and their latest cast Sameer Intisar Ali aka Aliiptisam aka Arab Princess  wasn’t an exception.

The funny thing is, many people are watching the show which has now gained massive popularity just to hate. Are Kenyans just hating or the show is actually that bad?. I don’t understand how the show has such a huge viewership, just to hate.

Anyway, like every other trend, Twitter, is an unforgiving. Kenyans on twitter went ham on the Arab Princess after she pronounced the word “PSYCHO” as “SICHO” leaving many laughing for days.


And if you thought that was all, she also pulled another one. “..someone is going to be TEACHED a lesson”

Well, Kenyans turned grammar Nazi on the Arab Princess. Here are some of the hilarious comments,

Psl: Am watching this thing now. And am getting worried. Dear, please learn basic English, you can’t say “removing bad words against her’ then what is sicho?? its psycho.

Joy: Just use the OG accent we heard when Mishi jumped on you in the forest and stop peppering the ‘r’ everywhere it’s not by force that we should all have “American” accents 😂

Timmy: Lollll ..I wish you knew how boring and irritating you are. Even your own shadow inakulaani ….LAAANATULLAH WEWE. Ati Arab princess. You should be called Arab Shuzi.

Browny: Classy my foot …….”sicho” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you are embarrassing yo English teacher……

Mezlon: “I need Proper lesson teached” Sameer did you go to school? 😂😂

Grace: Tuned in brought a neck brace for Samia just in case she can’t hold her head up again today #NairobiDiaries

Anjee: This new Aliiptisam chic on Nairobi Diaries. Is she a coke fiend? Look at her eyes. English is also not her mouth. Does she have Tourette’s?

Gracy: This Arab chic eti “teached” where did grammar go to?😂😂😂😂

Saida: I gara leave. RUSUNGU SI MDOMO CHETU



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