A video of boxer Conjestina Achieng has surfaced and everybody is in shock.The former boxer is seen looking weak and seemingly suffering.

In the video when Conjestina was asked if she can go back to the ring Conjestina was quick to reply flaunting her muscles saying she’s well and she can fight.

“Niko sawa, niko strong, niko gauge,” said the former boxer

Niaje.com contacted Vincent Chipukeezy who is the Director of Nacada and he said he actually has plans to get Conjestina back to rehab and later get her a job.

“You know the government already helped Conjestina, she was taken to rehab and after that she was given a job but later she got back into drugs” said Chipukeezy in a phone call

We went on and asked what plans he had since he had earlier posted on Instagram that he is looking for the former boxer.

Chipukeezy went on saying;

Kitu najaribu kufanya is that I want to get her personally and I will not give up, I want to take her to the rehab and get her a job.I will not allow her to go home the environment she is living in is toxic.I want to get her a job and a place where I will be monitoring her personally.I will monitor her during and after rehab,


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