My Two Cents About Socialites


What exactly does the term socialite mean? or who is a socialite? according to Wikipedia, a socialite is a person who has a reputation in upper-class society for spending a significant amount of time participating in social activities such as parties, charity and fine arts fundraisers, and other fashionable events; as well as entertaining guests and being entertained by others of similar upper-class social standing. I am not judging because I wouldn’t like to be judged either so there wont be any names mentioned in this post.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of socialites in Kenya and funny thing is, of all the socialites I know all started by posting raunchy pictures of themselves (I stand to be corrected). Most of our Kenyan Socialites if not all are known to have started from the bottom. No car, probably living with their parents, or living in college hostels, basic phones, basically the non flashy kind of lifestyle. All this tend to change after a few nude/semi-nude pics of themselves that they post online and a couple of ‘twerking’ videos. Most of this girls are usually in University/colleges, and after fame creeps in they drop school to become socialites.

My main concern is not why they decide to become socialites, I believe everyone has a right to do what they please but what they do so as to be referred to as a  socialite. Does it really mean that in Kenya to be a socialite one needs to have a huge derrier and post raunchy pics? The thing is, most of our socialites just do this so as to gain followers and be famous, some do get deals to host events, appear at events and videos but is the pay really worth it? is the pay worth tarnishing their names and that of their parents? Which man would ever want to settle with them in the future? some just want to use them since they portray themselves as lose women.

Llook at the likes of Kim K, Paris Hilton, Ivanna Trump etc. Their net worth is millions of dollars. If being a socialite would get them millions then maybe, just maybe.  Anyway, i think society has made us ladies believe that to become famous and have some men drool at you one must do stuff that does not define a real lady. Please, we can do better.

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