My Husband of 5 Years Abandoned me in Hospital for the Maid, My Distant Cousin


We have heard about a lot of crazy stories of how men leave their wives for other women but I think this has got to be the craziest in a long time. This is a story told a woman who was left by her husband at the maternity while giving birth to his baby and he took off with a maid that was also the woman’s relative. She narrates below:

A lot of people do not understand me and why at 50 years, I am still single. I am a mother of a wonderful young man who I gave birth to on the worst day of my life, about 22 years ago. I was young and vibrant. I had a good job and I had lived with the father of my son for 5 years. While we had not been formally married, we had done everything traditionally that would indicate that he was my husband and we lived in the same house and shared everything. I had a successful career in corporate banking and at only 28, I was living my dream.

At 28, I got pregnant and we both were excited about it. I brought one of my cousins from Embu to assist me with bits of the house work and we agreed I would pay her 10,000 shillings a month, way more than what most maids were receiving. She worked well and I treated her well, because she was literally part of the family.

Little did I know, my dear husband started seeing her behind my back. She would always get weekends off and most of the time, I assumed she went to Embu. Being a businessman, my 37 year old husband would travel a lot. More than a few times, he traveled over the weekend. Nothing was different or suspicious so I went on with my work and caring for my unborn child.

My final trimester came and towards the end, I had to take leave from work. This meant staying home more than usual and at this time, I learned that my maid was a little rude and unwilling to do some things for me. I sought to talk to her but again, she was unwilling. This shocked me as she had been very good at her work and a really nice person to me. It was a few days before I gave birth so I could not think of replacing her at the time I needed her most. I noticed behavior change whenever my husband was in the house, she smiled more and even sat to watch TV with us. My head told me I was being paranoid.

My d-day came at a time my husband was away working so I got myself a cab to hospital. My mother was around to assist me as well during this time. 2 days in hospital, my husband did not make it back. There were no cellphones, so we could not reach him until he got back home or at the office. My mother stayed with me and went back and forth to the house to bring different things I needed.

She made an observation that the maid was also not at home but we decided it was the least of things to worry about since my mother was there for me. It was normal for house maids to develop cold feet once a baby arrives so we assumed that happened.

I was discharged from hospital and a week later, it was still my mother and I in the house. I began to worry. Whenever I called my husband’s office, I was told he is away for work. It was not until a friend of mine who worked with him came to see my baby and gave me a picture of what was happening. My husband and my maid had moved in together in an apartment not too far from where his office was. Everyone knew about it, other than me.

For a moment, I thought I would die and I did not want to believe what she was saying. I discussed it with my mother who discouraged me from making any moves against them. I concentrated on my baby. 2 months went by, I did not hear from him. I returned to work and one day while I was shopping at a supermarket, I met my cousin, my former maid who I got from Embu to come help me. She was nearly 8 months pregnant. I made the assumption and moved past her.

I have managed to bring up my son pretty well and while he has severally met his father, they do not have a close relationship. I have since been single and to be honest, I have enjoyed single parenthood.

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