Comedian Jalang’o has opened up of how he watched his dad break down into tears after Maseno High school principal rejected him.

Jalang’o shared that he had just hit 442 marks in KCPE and was optimistic that he’ll join the high school but due to school fee, he missed out on the opening date.

“Maseno school…let me tell you a short story…When I sat for my KCPE I got a chance at Maseno school by luck because with 442 Marks I think I was lucky…I was soo happy just like everyone because a chance at Maseno school was all you needed! This dream was not to be!  School fees was nowhere! My dad ( God Rest hi soul in peace) organised several fund drives and by the time he was getting the money I was two weeks late from reporting day! My chance was gone!” shared Jalang’o.

He went on to share that even after they managed to raise the fee, the principal rejected them. He watched his father being reduced to tears while begging the principal.

“We walked with my dad out of the school after hours of pleading to be allowed in, the principal refused! I had never seen my dad cry but that day we cried together! We walked to the main road got in a Marathi and went home! I later joined form one in a different school but with Maseno school uniform because my old man could not afford another pair! So for the whole of form one I was in a different uniform in a different school…to cut the long story short, today I was at Mseno school advising and giving wisdom to their class of 2018! Once again GOD WINS!” wrote Jalang’o.


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