“Muongelesheni Avril Amenishinda,” Comedian Njugush Publicly Admits His Love For Avril


Celebrated funny man, Njugush will sure land into trouble with his wife once she sees the open love letter he recently penned for songbird, Avril.

Well we all have crushes whether celebrities or normal people but it takes a lot to actually admit to it but this isn’t the case for Njugush.

Read his open funny love letter to Avril below;

“Muongelesheni on my behalf amenishinda


This is aBOAT our love Avril.Where did I go wrong Avril???
We used to overcome all the tides together.
Our love was safe tulitumia MASHUA
Chama chetu kilikua CANOE.
Where did I go wrong Avril.
Avril kama ni chaama zote tumeenda hata MELI-go round.

What made you make aboat turn.
Tell me Aboat it…… I wish you would see how mathogothanio iv become.Siku hizi naskia unaonekana Kaka Empire, huku umeacha nikikula moto yani kaka e fire….Oooh avril I no longer go to the see….I miss you Avril. I rem tukikosa food tulikua tunapika SHIP unasema ina mafuta mob.
All the clothes you ever wanted boatique after boatique.
I always worSHIPed you……Avril I miss you

Saa hii navaaga ma boatie nefeel nikama najinyonga….. Signed Njugush the fisherman

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