Mothers go through a lot to ensure their kids get the best possible life. Some go to extreme lengths of personal discomforting to ensure the kids thrive and have a better shot at life.

More often than not this gamble pays off and when it does, a breed od children who would go to any lengths to please their mothers is born. These are the people who go over the bar in how they gift their parents for their sacrifices which enabled them to be who they are.

South African Minene Nsibade walked to a showroom, paid for a BMW 320i M Sport that costs around 700,000 South African Rands. Approximately Kshs 7,000,000.

Giving his mum the car he said,

For all the years you bent over backwards for me. There’s no better way to say I love you and thank you. #AbleGod #GodsGrace #girlswithBMWs ? ///M

When she composed herself to finally enter her new ride.

Here’s your car Ma. I’m keeping the ///M jacket though ??

The BMW 320i is an entry level luxury sedan that caters to those who want a certain sense of comfort, safety and style.

It’s not all show as the deive train sends 180 horsepowers to the wheels. It is also capable of a very healthy 270 Newton Meters of torque which allows the two ton vehicle to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in seven seconds.

The lady has a sweet ride to attend chamaa in.

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