‘Mombasa Raha’ Sexpert Getrude Mungai Robbed


Known popularly by her fans for her hit TV show that was cancelled by K24 ‘Mombasa Raha’, Sexpert Gertrude Mungai felt the wrath of Nairobi traffic thieves just like any other normal Kenyan.

The presenter’s car was vandalized while she was driving between University Way roundabout and Bunyala road roundabout on Uhuru Highway.

She wasn’t injured in the 3pm, Sunday 12 March 2017 incident.

She posted on social media about the daring thief that left her shocked.

“So am driving down uhuru highway n suddenly I hear a loud noise like SOMEONE bumped on the car. On checking I see this man walking away with part of my car like literally walking away with it, not running he just crossed the road removed a paper bag from his pocket put it in n continued walking.

“A few other motorist watching in disbelieve, the driver on the next lane tell’s me he removed something from my car. This is like 3pm broad day light, three lanes uhuru highway am still in shock,” she said.

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