Miss Kenya Evelyn Njambi Opens Up About Her Beef With Miss Tanzania


Miss World Kenya Evelyn Njambi has come out to address the ongoing feud she has with Miss Tanzania Diana Edwards. The feud which began last year at the Miss World competition saw Diana accuse Evelyn of ‘theft’ among other things. Miss Tanzania could not agree with the results because she felt Evelyn had played dirty and this she made public in several media interviews.

Diana had complained about Evelyne who she accused of going behind her back and also copying some of her ideas, including a documentary on Female genital mutilation. Responding o Diana’s string of accusations ,Evelyne said Diana started beefing with her from way back when they were still in camp and that she did not do anything behind her back as alleged by the complainant.

“I heard her side of her story and I was shocked while we were in Washington..Funny thing, she started to feud with me at camp immediately I took fifth place and she did not seem happy about it so it brought friction between us. I did not do anything behind her back and on the long run I actually think it how you bring it out to the judges,” Evelyne said in an interview with a Kiss FM.


“It was a special moment for us to come together since we were all doing similar facts. As a matter of fact she should be happy and hope we could work on something in the future.”She added.

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