Mike Sonko Puts His Followers On High Alert Over 40 Fake ‘Mike Sonko’ Facebook Accounts


Flamboyant Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko early today took to social media to warn his followers against numerous Facebook parody accounts bearing his name, used by unscrupulous cons to steal from unsuspecting Kenyans. The accounts and pages have been extorting money from Kenyans by pretending to be Mike Sonko.

Sonko’s efforts to bring them down by involving the police have not bored any fruits since the culprits are normally released on bonds. However ,the senator decided to deal with the cons hiding behind the parody Facebook accounts by putting his followers on high alert with a long post that read;

”Did you know there is Over 40Fake Facebook accounts of Mike Sonko…..BEWARE OF CONMEN: CONMEN: CONMEN: CONMEN CONMEN: CONMEN : CONMEN: CONMEN: CONMEN.There are some conmen who are using my name to con people money cheating them to pay certain amount as fees for log book and transfer for a motorbike to be delivered. Kindly be very careful before you become the next victim as I do not offer any motorbikes to the public. We have arrested and charged them in court but when released on bond wanaendelea kucon watu. My official facebook page has over 919,475 fans and is verified with a blue tick by FB.I will be posting this warning message oftenly.Have a good day.”Sonko wrote.

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