Mike Sonko Offering a Free Medical Camp at Nyayo Stadium


The doctors strike just entered it’s 87th day and Kenyans keep suffering and dying each passing day. The doctors have vowed to stay out of hospital until all their demands are met and we just don’t know when all this madness will come to an end.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and Nairobi governor aspirant 2017 out of his own pocket has been running a free medical camp for the past few days at Nyayo Stadium. The medical camp that will be in operation until the strike ends seeks to help those that cannot afford to go to private hospitals for checkup.

The senator says that the camp is open to everyone in the country and this move should not be politicized as he is doing it as a concerned leader and father.

Many have undergone treatment so far in the four days that the camp has been operational and hundreds keep streaming into  the Stadium for checkup.


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