Meet Vera Sidika’s Brother, Who Has Also Bleached His Skin


Some call it toning, others brightening or lightening but all these words refer to one thing skin bleaching. Bleaching has become a growing phenomenon common among celebrities.

Socialite Vera Sidika bleached her skin and she wasn’t apologetic about it despite harsh criticism from her fans and other Kenyans in general.

vera Sidika


Well, seems like the socialites brother David Mungasia is following his sisters foot steps. As he also joined the ‘toa tint’ squad.

Anyway, not much is known about Vera’s family because she rarely shares anything about them. So we can’t really tell whether David and Vera bleached their skin at the same time. Or if it also costed him the same amount as Vera to bleach, a whooping fifty million.

See photos of Vera’s brother below:


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