Meet The Woman Who Helped Congestina Get Back to Her Feet


Congestina Achieng got abandoned by her country after she fell into depression and debt after representing it in various boxing matches and putting Kenya on the world map. Congestina went from being a hero to many who praised her to someone they knew after her life hit rock bottom. Rumors of her death spread like fire at a certain time when she got moved back to her home village.

One  special lady a single 35 year old woman decided to go check on her in Yala to try help whee she could. Winnie Ogola was Congestina’s answered prayer who made sure her son went back to school  after he dropped out due to lack of fees. Winnie with the help of a few friends took Congestinna to rehab after it was discovered that she had become a drug addict and her life was a total mess.
Thanks to her Congestina recovered well, stopped taking drugs and alcohol and even trains with youths from her village. We salute Winnie for the great effort in ensuring Congestina is well taken care of.

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