Entertainment spots in Kenya rarely have longevity. Most last a year then go underground after either losing clientele to swankier joints or losing reputation after attracting the wrong crowds. However there are those that have the formula figured out and manage to stand the test of time whether or not newer joints creep up.

Space Lounge along Ngong Road, Nairobi, remains one of those places that will always be jam packed with revelers every weekend of the month. Space is known for its humongous screen for football matches and deadly mixes with the likes of Joe Mfalme ande Creme De La Creme being regulars there.

Platinum 7D or simply 7D shares the same characteristics. Always packed to the brim with the biggest names being regular there.

It is no coincidence, the two watering holes happen to belong to the same person. Known to many as James Wong, the unassuming gentleman has mastered the formula for how to maintain pole position in matters entertainment joints.

Here are some photos of him

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