Meet Kaka Sungura’s Beautiful Daughter


Fatherhood is definitely a beautiful thing and when it gets to you there’s nothing you can do to keep off the good feeling.

Last year, Kaka Sungura joined the Father’s Club and finally he shared a photo of his beautiful little princess Gweth online. Now ‘Gweth’ is the Luo word for Blessing and you must agree with me that she looks everything like a bundle of joy and blessings.

Sharing on his IG account, Kaka is taking what he referred to as ‘Father studies’ and that must be a great experience. Congrats to Gweth’s mommy & daddy and God’s blessings as you raise her.

Here are some photos of Baby Gweth.

IMG-20150116-WA0008 IMG_20150117_113144 IMG-20150117-WA0001

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