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‘Marry Her’, Fans Tell Dennis Okari After Doing This To Co-anchor Olive Burrows (Video)

It’s either Dennis Okari is a man who takes his sweet time before he strikes or he just doesn’t feel Olive Burrows.

Well, that is what the fans of the NTV newscasters think according to their resolve to push the two into get hitched.

Mr Okari has been a person of interest for a minute now, starting out as the investigative journalist which morphed into Betty Kyallo’s boyfriend, husband and then ex.

The celebrated news reader has made quite a name for himself and recently hit the news after interviewing murder suspect Jowie’s parents.

Not long ago, Dennis announced his return to NTVwhere he would be presenting prime-time news alongside a very gorgeous lady, Olive Burrows, and as soon as the two hit the screens together, their chemistry was obvious.

Dennis Okari and Co-anchor Olive Burrows

And so people started talking, and what do you know? the two have been extending their chemistry off the screen as they have been spotted behaving couple-ish behind the scenes.

Their is one time Olive was caught on tape fixing his tie backstage.. things we see in the movies where the wife helps her bae on his first day at work. Cute huh?

Well, the two are at it again as just recently, Olive celebrated her birthday with the NTV lot and Dennis was given the privilege of feeding his TV bae cake. Say what?

Interpreting body language is not a reserve of psychologists and criminologists only so I know the two had some serious chemistry on the said day.

While we are not starting a new relationship you will agree that Dennis deserves some love and Olive is a beautiful girl.. and the chemistry is there.

Fans demand Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows to start dating because of their undeniable chemistry on screens and off the screens

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