Luo Politician To Acquire a Kikuyu Name In a Bid To Woo Voters Ahead of 2017


2017 is around the corner. With that in mind, local politicians have taken up on massive campaign quests as they prepare themselves ahead of the general election. There are those who decided to splash County Mock exam papers with their portraits, others went big with humongous billboards, wishing Class 8 and Form 4 candidates in the ongoing exams success.

Well, one who has beat them all with a powerful strategy is a powerful Luo governor who has just adopted a Kikuyu name in order to win in the upcoming General Elections in 2017.Nairobi Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero has decided to warm up to the idea of Acquiring a Kikuyu name, a move that intends to soften the community which will guarantee him another term in office in the much contested Gubernatorial contest.


Kidero is set to go up against more than 7 politicians, among them Mike Sonko, Dennis Waweru and Margret Wanjiru ,who come from the Kikuyu community or associated in one way or another.In a bid to ensure he garners more votes from the community, Kidero announced that he will adopt the name ‘Kariuki’ from the Kikuyu Community. The Nairobi governor made the revelation Yesterday as he was speaking at a Roads and Construction launch in Ngara,Nairobi.

‘’If my name needs to change to Kariuki so that you can elect me,let it be. When a name does not sound that way,some of you just switch off the network’’ He was quoted.

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