Lulu Hassan Finally Speaks After She Was Accused Of ‘Conning’ A Scriptwriter


The blogosphere and the social media space has been rife with news of a nasty scandal involving none other than the ever calm Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan.
The decorated Swahili News anchor and Her company, Jiffy pictures were accused of failing to pay Maina Denis Wanjohi, a script writer for the Citizen TV’s Swahili series, Moyo which used to air every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

According to Wanjohi ,he was sacked after his ‘substandard’ work failed to impress Lulu.However,the same work that Lulu cancelled made it to TV, something that infuriated Maina who came out to ask for his dues.

Well,it has been several days since the accusations were leveled against Lulu who has finally decide to speak out and give her version of the story.Speaking in an interview with Lulu denied knowing or meeting Maina,claiming she only dealt with one Mr Chitayi who is head of writers at her firm,Jiffy Pictures.

“It is clear I am not involved in the matter……I have never met Mr. MainaI was only involved with Mr Chitayi. I am wondering why I am being involved with a guy I have never even met,She said.

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