Local Celebrities Take Sides With DNG In His War Against Kenyan Blogs


Last week wrapped up in one of the most dramatic ways as Kenya’s celebrated entertainer and MC DNG cracked the whip against dubious Kenyan bloggers. Dng took a swipe at two popular entertainment blogs and their bloggers who had ran defamatory articles touching on fellow entertainer Mykie Tuchi, who is a former member of the popular rap group Camp Mullah.

In his Facebook rant, DNG went hard on the concerned blogs and their bloggers, calling them all sorts of names. His wrath was instigated by an article that aimed at demeaning Mykie Tuchi’s new hustle; an Uber cab driver. The article had in some way insinuated that the former Camp Mullah member had fumbled from Grace to Grass, something that did not only infuriated DNG, but also a host of other celebrities who joined him to defend Tuchi and put the dubious blogs and bloggers in their right place.

Dj Kaytrixx and Ciku Muiruri are some of local celebrities who sided with DNG in his war against Kenyan blogs and blogger.


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