Lilian Muli Introduces Her Beautiful Mom (Photos)


Truly an apple never falls far from the tree, and in this case Lilian Muli is her mothers daughter. Lilian Muli is among the most successful career women in the country and although a few of her shows have earned her some trolling from Kenyans she remains strong.

Once Lilian Muli Kanene, the news and got married to her husband Kanene a few yeas ago but got separated after a While. One thing she is always proud of is her little boy whom she introduced to her fans last year.

Yesterday Lilian put up a photo of her mom who clearly has been aging pretty well, one could even confuse her as her older sister. So now that we know her son and her mom guys cannot wait to  meet her mystery man?

The two share such a striking resemblance don’t you think?


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