Life in Drugs: You Will Not Believe How Ex BBA Contestant Nando Looks Like


Drugs are bad kids, all of us have been affected directly or indirectly by them. You might have suffered or been addicted or known someone that has gone through it. Tanzanias songbird Ray C is a good example of what drugs can do to ones life.

Big Brother Africa was once the most watched reality show in Africa, no one knows what happened to it but many are hopeful that it will make a comeback. Nando a Tanzanian contestant appeared in the shows The Chase Season and won the hearts of many especially the ladies.

Nando who had a bubly personality has been spotted recently in the streets looking a bit frail and confused after what is rumored to be a case of drug addiction. According to sources the handsome young  man has been doing drugs which have left him in a sad state.

Many have been saddened by the photo of Nando that has been doing rounds n the internet. It’s hard to believe that the fine young man became addicted to drugs which in turn ruined his promising career and life. We just hope he gets the help needed in time.


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