Larry Madowo Badly Attacked For Saying This About Kikuyus (PHOTO)

Larry Madowo

NTV newscaster Larry Madowo is on the receiving end after taking a swipe at members of the Kikuyu community in a social media post.

A few hours ago, Madowo, who is currently on a visit in Ghana, posted a video of a meal that he had been served in the West African nation.

The man who quit hosting ‘The Trend’ more than 3 weeks ago took a slight jab at Kikuyus while complaining about his soup. According to him, it can feed a whole village in Kiambu.

As expected, Madowo’s remarks didn’t go down well with members of the aforementioned community, coming at a time when the political tension in Kenya is very high.

They told him off for mocking them, adding that as a very respected public figure Madowo should be careful about what he posts on social media, especially at this time.

Here are the reactions:

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