LANES!! What Victor Wanyama Did For His Close Friends Will Convince You He’s On Another Level


Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur’s midfielder and captain of the Kenyan National Team Victor Mugubi Wanyama has been giving Kenyans sleepless nights after he was caught cruising in what is believed to be a 25million Kenya shillings German car.

Well, Wanyama is not the kind of person to forget about his friends and family. He decided to jet off his youngest brothers Hesky, Harry Gudda and his close friends to Tanzania for a ‘boys vacation’ in his short stay in Nairobi.

Judging from the photos they are sharing on social media, the boys are having mad fun. Joining them is Wanyama’s friend singer AY.

Here’s a photo of the boys cruising around in a private yacht that will make you consider changing your friends.



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