Lady Bee’s Hilo Jina: The Maturing of a Gospel Musician – A Review


Like most of us who grew in the 80s and 90s, I listened to gospel music, Kenyan gospel music – with a spice up by Tanzanian and Ugandan artistes and what I can say is, while the production quality has grown tremendously, the writing skills for our gospel musicians seems to have been left in the 90s.

Back then, there was commitment to the gospel and scripture was embedded in each line of the lyrics. That seems to have lost its way and we have settled for artistes who claim to be doing gospel music while in the real sense they are just pure commercial musicians. I hate having to mention names but Willy Paul is a good example of this commercial breed of young musicians who hide in the name of gospel music.

So this morning I happened to have seen an advert on Instagram from Lady Bee – a musician who until recently was a secular artist and one who jumped into gospel music and left everyone unsure if there was room for more of this “gospel music”

The song is titled “Hilo Jina” and the video starts in a make-up studio and interesting enough, it made me wanna watch the nexd few seconds. And then she starts singing, I was looking for Angela Chibalonza in the song. Her vocal prowess in the song is unbelievable and while I thought that writing skills were lost, I do love how this song is done. It made me move from Instagram’s 1 minute to the full song on YouTube and eventually to writing one of the few articles I have written this year.

I am not saying it is the perfect gospel song, but it is a song that gave me hope in our gospel industry. I would be right in saying that Lady Bee has indeed matured and taken a space in the gospel industry.

I am looking forward to following her journey and seeing what she does next. It is also interesting to note that the make-up artist in the video is her daughter Yvonne Mugo.

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