Lady Bee Comes Through With a Brand New One


She used to be the queen of Genge a couple of years back when she used to sing secular music. Together with Nonini the two ruled the genge streets and made hits after hits together. At some point there were rumors of the two artists dating but it was later revealed that they were just good friends who seemed to click.

Fast forward and Lady Bee saw the light, got born again and changed all her “bad girl” ways. Since then she has been actively involved with the gospel ministry.

Lady Bee just released a brand new one titled “Hilo Jina.” The song is about Jesus and the great things he has done and continues to do. She talks about the miracles he did back then including healing a crippled man. The song is an inspiration from the book or Romans 10:13, the name of Jesus transforms, delivers,and heals anyone who calls upon him.

We are loving the song which has a praise kind of feel. The Audio to Hilo Jina was done by Vicky and directed by XbenJoes.


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