Artists Gabu, Frasha and Kyki recently had a heated argument on Chipukeezy Show on Ebru TV as each tried to justify why the Kenyan music industry has stagnated.

Kyki, a controversial rapper who has dissed several artists and presenters, went on to slam Gabu telling him that she can’t be signed by another Kenyan artist.

Gabu has started his own record label called Kompact Records and has signed a few artists. Kyki said that signing with any local artists means that you will be only as successful as they want you to be.

“I can’t be signed by Gabu,” said Kyki. “He’s too local. So he can sign Fifi that’s OK. I will rather be signed by an international label than these local guys.”

She went on claim that Kenyan artists are jealous and can’t really help others that’s why such deals are a waste of time.


“They can’t let you surpass their level of success,” she said.

“Gabu, tell me? How many artists have you made so far more successful or as much successful as you? I don’t know even one. You see, Diamond Platnumz brought Harmonize in just two years. Rayvanny got a BET award even before Diamond. That’s the backing I’m talking about.”

Gabu and Frasha on the other hand asked upcoming artists such as Kyki to exercise patience if they want success.

“There so many artists like her nowadays. They all have this bitterness,” said Frasha.

“And they all want to be overnight stars” added Gabu. “But what they don’t understand is that it takes time. Step by step and finally things will add up. They need to know that every opportunity and platform they get, counts.”

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