There’s a popular joke doing rounds about how one shouldn’t say how there’s no money but should say he/she doesn’t have money… KRG ia proving that indeed there’s a bunch of people in this country who aren’t bothered by the ongoing woes. The dude is said to own a trail of guzzlers ranging from a Chrysler 300 to LandCruiser 200.

The Artist apparently gets his money from his parents who invest in him. How he spends it is however what is most interesting. The lad has a thing for fast cars and his toy, a Mercedes Benz Cl63 is firmly in the performance category.

This seems to inspire the lad to literally misbehave on the roads. Not even bothered by daylight and numerous cameras on the streets.

Videos have surfaced of the young man being a total prick on public roads even in traffic.

See for yourself.

It does not stop there. Some drifting here

Some more drifting

Someone badly needs attention and is willing to go to any lengths to get it.

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