KQ Finally Apologizes To Kenyan Passengers They Left Stranded At An Amsterdam Airport


Kenyan national carrier Kenya Airways has been dealing with a lot of accusations and trolls in the recent past. The airline, recently hit the headlines the wrong way after leaving its passengers stranded at a cold Amsterdam airport. The act was vehemently criticized by throngs of Kenyans who took to roasting them on social media. KQ was accused of abandoning 12 Kenyan passengers on the flight who were forced to arrange for their own accommodation in the Dutch capital, which was not their final destination in the first place. News about KQ’s unforgivable act was made public by one passenger, Joyce Murugi who aired her grievances through a long Facebook post.

LEFT: Joyce Murigi who shared her ordeal at Amsterdam Airport  Schiphol.

Ashamed, KQ on Monday swallowed their pride and apologized to Kenyan passengers who were left stranded in Amsterdam after their flight was diverted due to bad weather. The flight scheduled for Paris was on Saturday diverted to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol because of poor weather in Middle East and Europe. One passenger(Joyce Murugi) who was affected by the whole melee on Tuesday took to Facebook to express her joy, saying that she was happy that the airline’s management had reached out and talked to them.


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