After a series of trolls and uncountable attacks on social media, former presenter Kobi Kihara has left social media.

Kihara has deleted all her accounts after Kenyans attacked her for lifting posts from other pages and claiming they were hers. She went on to offer an apology to Kenyans that she had stated it earlier that her page consists of curated content.

“I posted this in October last year explaining my content. I’m sorry to everyone who I mislead, forgive me. I should have thought twice perhaps and I guess it got away from me. And to my friends in the DM and on WhatsApp thanks for the lovely messages, I’m ok…really to the trolls and bullies…it’s ok! I can handle being an online punching bag, go for it #KobiKiharaChallenge #KobiWithAnEye”” she said.

Now, it seems she has opted to leave social media completely, may be until things calm down. Or may be she’s starting out a fresh and hoping she can re-brand herself.

Kihara started by first clearing social media images, deleting over 800 images that were plagiarized.


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