Khaligraph Jones Pokes Fun At People Who Accuse Him Of Buying Fake Youtube Views


Last week, the blogosphere was filled with news about Khaligraph Jones buying a colossal amount of fake Youtube views for his latest jam ‘Micasa Sucasa’ featuring his girlfriend Kashy. It is believed that the acquisition of the fake Youtube views, otherwise known as bots catapulted his jam to a staggering 1.5 million views, making it the first ever Kenyan hip hop video to achieve such a milestone. The rapper denied the claims, saying the success of ‘Micasa Sucasa’ was brought about by his hard work.

‘’I have released more content than any kenyan artiste this year.All my songs have hundreds of thousands of views but Micasa is my biggest song ever,nothing of that sort has ever been done in Kenya.’’The rapper said in an interview with Nairobi News a couple of days ago

Well, the rapper has decided to resurrect the allegations as he poked fun at people who had accused him of buying fake views for his jam.In a mockery Facebook post yesterday, the ‘Embesha’ rapper denied buying fake YouTube views for the second time, claiming if he is to buy them,then none of his songs would be playing below 10 million views on Youtube.

‘’January 8th The Video for my Song called Naked Finally drops, iyo pia ikifika 1 million utaskia Raiyaa flani ikisema ati Jones sikuizi anbuy views, buda niakianza kubuy views Akuna Video itakua Inacheza Chini ya 10Million, Ile Kitu nanunua Sai bado Ni kiwanja na ndai Kadhaa, Finally HipHop ishakubalika, Kindly lets Embrace that and Be happy, Happy 2017 #RespectTheOgs’’ Khaligraph wrote.

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