Khaligraph Jones Denies Buying Youtube View For His Song Micasa Sucasa


Ever since Diamond Platnumz was accused of buying Youtube Views for his innumerable songs, more artists including Kenyan have been put under serious scrutiny with music lovers following their progress very closely. Kenya’s baddest rapper Khaligraph Jones was recently included in the group of people who thrive with fake YouTube views, allegations which he has come out to refute vehemently.

The rapper teamed up with his girlfriend Kashy and churned out a killer tune dubbed ‘Micasa Sucasa’. The song did not only become an instant hit but also a trendsetter as it became the first ever rap song in Kenya to hit the 1 million views mark on Youtube. However, according to a cross section of Kenyan music fans, those numbers are fake and Khaligraph is suspected to have bought the views, Diamond Platnumz’s style.

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Well, Khaligraph could not let people tarnish his well-manicured reputation as he came out to trash the claims. Khaligraph says that the views are legitimate. However, Khaligraph jokingly added that he will consider buying even more YouTube views in the near future now that he knows people do It.

‘’I have released more content than any kenyan artiste this year.All my songs have hundreds of thousands of views but Micasa is my biggest song ever,nothing of that sort has ever been done in Kenya.’’The rapper said in an interview with Nairobi News.

‘’Now that I know people buy views,next time I will also try buy so that it gets to 5 million’’He added.

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