Kenyans Nag Boniface Mwangi Over His KCSE Results


Fearless Human rights activist turned political aspirant Boniface Mwangi was unfairly expelled from school at the age of 14 years. However, that did not stop him from achieving his dreams. The fearless and outspoken human rights champion achieved greater milestones without KCSE papers, which most people think are mandatory.

In a bid to set himself well for a political seat in the upcoming general elections, Boniface Mwangi decided to sit for KCSE exams this year .Being a public figure, all eyes were on him as soon as Matiang’i announced the 2016 KCSE results yesterday. Throngs of curious Kenyans on social media were eager to know what he scored in the exams.

Unlike Willy Paul who openly shared his KCSE results a couple of years ago, Boniface Mwangi turned a deaf year to curious Kenyans who sought to know his score in the just released KCSE examination results despite their incessant nagging. Boniface evaded questions on his performance by sharing old pictures of his school days.

Below are a series of Boniface Mwangi’s tweets as he dodged the score questions;

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