Kenyans Attack David Rudisha For Making This Unforgivable Mistake

David Rudisha

Olympic and World Record holder David Lekuta Rudisha was a hot topic of discussion on Twitter last night after he destroyed the Queen’s language.

The popular athlete sent out a tweet congratulating Kenyans for turning up at Kasarani Stadium in large numbers, without noticing his mistake.

Instead of writing applaud – which means to show approval – Rudisha wrote upload which has a very different meaning.

He soon became a hot topic discussion online. While some ridiculed him for his terrible language, others said he can write the word anyway he sees fit.

Why? You ask. Because he’s the one and only David Rudisha!

Surprisingly, the tweet is still on his Twitter account unlike many celebrities who would have deleted it because of public pressure.

Here are some of the reactions:

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