Kenyan Celebrities Celebrate Mother’s Day With Heartfelt Messages


Yes! May the 14th was Mother’s Day – A day to celebrate mothers around the world. People flooded social media by posting photos of their moms with sentimental and heartwarming captions that could make most people reading them tear up.

Even Kenyan celebrities posted adorable messages online for their moms. If you haven’t done your mother-dedicated social media post yet, don’t worry, better late than never.

Here are some dedications to mothers if you need inspiration.

amina_kenyaLove you hoyo???❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!!


anyikowokoHappy Mother’s Day to two powerful women. My mother Mary and first big sister Pollyne. My mummy is my mum and Dad. She raised all 5 of us as if our father didn’t pass away because we got unconditional love, guidance and life lessons. Mum you are a teacher like no other! You gave me my first lessons in writing and editing. I remember when I was 12 and you were swamped with school work, you taught me how to mark and correct English Compositions of older kids and before we knew it I was marking papers of 14 year olds – how my career in writing kick started. You have been a mum and a mentor to many others. You taught us that hard work is not an option, respect is regarded to all, giving up is for the weak and love must be unconditional. For all this and more – I celebrate you mum, and every other mother out here. We see your hard work and hustle and I’ve got nothing but respect for you! #HappyMothersDay


kalekyemumoHappy Mothers Day to this amazing woman Mummy, Ruth Mumo aka RM aka Mama Kalekye aka Mrs. aka Madam Sir… she was tough and no nonsense but look at me now, it paid off…. and to all the mothers out there you are a blessing. Big S/O to you all


pierramacI had a dream of a perfect pregnancy…I had a set manual on how I’ll raise my children.. I had a duty and role of a mom all figured out.. easy and perfect.Then I became a Mom.. Well the dream was a fantasy and the Manual was a bluff. I thought for a minute I’d crash but then I realised I can give up or I can become great. I adjusted my crown and decided to be great I wrote my own manual and that’s the day I became a real mother. . A hardcore one..a survivor and a lover! ! I love what I have become and I’m a proud Mom. I’D NOT TRADE THIS. happy mothers day to me… DJ PIERRA


To the one and only NyaBoro Bade Dongo!
#iMissYou So much Mum,I hope paps & all the Angels are taking you out today & getting you anything you want Coz I’ll pay when I get there one day,if that place exists.
Just know if you were here I’d taking anywhere in the world that you ever wished to go to??✊???
Have a Hood One!


thecremedelacremeIt’s never the easiest of things taking care of 3 Kids ( Me Included ????) You are an Amazing Mum, Who’s Love and Constant Prayers have glued this Family together .. Happy Mothers Day @deekingsky . @jamarijamjam , Zawadi and I Love and Appreciate You now and Beyond ..Happy Mother’s Day.


officialjanetmbuguaTo my mother and my mother-in-law,

You are strength. You are fire. You are love.

Thank you, God bless you. God keep you.

Happy Mothers Day to you both and to all mothers out there



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