Kenya Is Hosting The World U18 Championship This Week. Here’s What To Expect.


This week, starting from the 12th of July, all roads lead to Kasarani Sports Stadium for the 23rd Edition of the IAAF World Under 18 Championship. While many people will be looking forward to the various sports taking place, including the emergence of new track & field stars, here are other things to expect that come with our country hosting such an international event:

  1. Increased Security. Due to the presence of so many foreign athletes, coaches, and support staff, Nairobi County will be on high alert. Expect extra security checks at mall, increased presence of police within the city and malls. As these teams will no doubt be carrying all sorts of electronics and gadgets with them, pick pockets & con artists will be having a field day. So ensure to be extra careful this week.

2. Traffic. Kasarani is the epicentre of the Championship with the common phrase “all roads lead to Kasarani” applying. Expect gridlock traffic on Thika Road, particularly the TRM Underpass as it directs into Kasarani. This in turn will affect other major roads, as drivers look for alternative¬†panya¬†routes to avoid said traffic.

3. Increased foreigners. With over 100 countries competing for medals, expect to see quite a few foreign faces around. From our malls, to local tourist sites such as the National Park, to maybe even your local watering hole as the staff blow off steam. And if you do see them, be sure to say a big “Jambo!”

4. Last but certainly not least is the Athletics Village. Every major sports tournament has an athletes village. This is where they eat, sleep, and socialize with one another. The World U18s is no exception, with the Ministry of Sports going to great lengths to make sure the Sports Village at Kasarani will be a memorable one. With that in mind, they plan to have not one, but FIVE major concert days at the village, featuring top performing artists! The best part is the village will be open to the general public, so if you’re looking for a plan this week, the World U18 Village should be on your radar.

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